Group Table Configuration


On the Companies tab, everyone in your group has a shared view of every company you have access to. This shared context is important for everyone to collaborate so we want to take that to the next level.

This is why we're introducing the Group Table Configuration. It allows an administrator to create a table configuration that everyone in the group has access to. So when everyone logs in they not only see the same companies but the same table columns as well. This is a great way for administrators to set the stage for what fields are most important and improve the onboarding experience for new group members.

  • To setup the configuration for your group, access the same "..." button where your existing configuration already lives. Click the create button.
  • Setup the table just like you normally would and save it.
  • 💡
    Note: The first time you setup your group configuration it will be set as the default view for everyone in your group and every new user going forward to make sure they all see it. They can individually choose to set their default back to their own view.

For anyone who wants to keep their existing configuration, don't worry. You still have access to it and full control over your default view so you can freely toggle between what you already have and what your administrator sets up for you.

  • Click the "..." button where your existing configuration lives and select either your group configuration or your user configuration to load it onto the table. Click the bookmark icon to choose your default view.