Shared Reports


Shared reports in your reports tab

Currently all reports shared with your group exist in your Connections tab and within individual company profiles. We are now extending their presence to your Reports tab. You can easily distinguish which reports are your own versus which ones are shared by checking whether or not an icon is present to the report title or by checking the Shared To column. Additionally, you can now filter your reports to easily search for either type.

Visual update to shared reports

We also wanted to make it easier to distinguish between your reports versus reports shared with you when you are inside of a report. On the company profile you are able to determine this by evaluating the color of a card. Card with no branding are inside your group, cards with a branding color are outside of it.

We're applying this same rule to reports so anytime you see a report with a branding color you know it came from somewhere else which you can determine by viewing the chip below the title. When other groups view your shared reports they will see your group's color.