Improvement Pass

Following our big release we have done a cleanup pass to get everything tight before we kick off work on our next major release.

  • The “Created At” and “Updated At” fields map to when the company was added to the group and the last time a field on the company was updated
  • You can now control whether a table is exportable on a public link while the link is active.
  • image
  • After importing a spreadsheet you can review all of the companies you have imported with the "View Companies" button.
  • image
  • Filter and Field Graphs now let you sort your values. Chart colors will default to your existing group's color.
  • image
  • If you are only connected to a single group in the Ecosystem, it will default to that group instead of all groups.
  • You can now exit any dialog by hitting the "esc" key.

Bug Fixes

  • Forms display the correct number of responses.
  • Ecosystem links will no longer incorrectly send you to a 404 page.
  • Markdown rendering on Ecosystem posts.
  • You will no longer hit a 500 error when creating a filter from a table column header.
  • Improved filter chips to better handle long field names.
  • Inputs will now appear immediately in the filter widget.
  • Style issues with the company drawer.