Field Graphs, Big Numbers Visualization, Public Links, Field Groups, and an improved Access API

We're back and happy to share one of our biggest releases ever!

Field Graphs

Easily visualize all of the values associated with a field on your dashboards. Select the field you want to visualize from the dropdown and every value associated with that field will be displayed on the graph. You can visualize all of your data with the formats you are used to from our Filter Graph.

Big Numbers Visualization


This is a new type of data visualization available in both Filter and Field Graphs. When you want a more concise summary of your data you can visualize the number of companies that match each filter or value. You can add as many of these as you want and even customize the color!

Public Links

If you have ever built a beautiful report but needed to quickly share it with a user off of the platform you no longer have to rely on our spreadsheet exports! On any report you can click the "Public Link" button in the upper-right and generate a unique link. Anyone with the link can view the data included within it but cannot edit it.

Field Groups

A field group is a great way to combine multiple field types within a single category. This is useful for things like scoring a company with multiple criteria, adding deeper layers of categorization within a sector, or tracking statuses that require additional context like who is responsible and when it happened. To create your own Field Group click the CREATE GROUP button on any proprietary data card.

Access API

We have extended the functionality of our API to allow you to pull reports and all of the companies contained within them!

Final Notes

On top of all of this we have continued to smash bugs so keep that feedback coming! We hope you enjoy these new offerings and as always, please reach out if you have any questions.