Tag, Note, and Activity Updates

This week we have a handful of updates across our notes, tag fields, and the activity page.

Note Attachments

Notes have been expanded to allow you to add one or more attachments. We have also taken this opportunity to simplify the design, all of your editing controls now appear when selecting text.


Redesigned Tag Field

Our tag field has been redesigned from the ground up to be a more performant and consistent editing experience.


Reports Shared and Received Activity Events

Two new event types have been added to your Activity page:

  1. Reports Shared: every time a report has been shared from your group to another
  2. Reports Received: every time a report has been received by your group from another


  • A confirmation modal has been added to the integration deletion flow


  • Fixed a visual bug with company search
  • Maintaining state when opening company profiles on top of one another