Shared Data Card, Public API, and Sentry

Shared Data Card


This new addition to the company profile allows you to view all of the data shared with you through the Ecosystem on relevant company profiles. Now you can be certain that whatever data you have on a company is available on its profile and not buried in a report elsewhere. Read more here.

Access API

We are happy to release the first version of our Access API! While the SRM may be the central place to store all of your data, this doesn't mean you don't need that data in other contexts. This new offering allows you to get your proprietary data and display it in other locations. To read more and access our developer documentation go here.



Sentry is a powerful error tracking tool to help our team discover any problems you hit in real time. If you ever run into them you may see a modal asking you to give us a little detail so we can get that fixed as soon as possible. Learn more about how Sentry helps us better help you here.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Our Activity Feed tabs have been simplified to make it easier to quickly browse all of your data.
  • Better error and empty states across our modals.
  • Fixed dashboard card ordering so it stays just as you left it.