New Sharing feed and updated share modal

A new type of feed: Sharing


Now when you navigate to your Feed there is a new type in your dropdown: Sharing. This displays all of the posts that have been shared and received by your group. This tab also has all of the same functionality you're used to from before:

You can easily filter your posts down by

  • All Connections: posts shared and received by your group
  • Shared Posts: posts created and shared by a member of your group
  • Received Posts: posts created by another group and sent to your's
  • Any individual connection

Redesigned posts

You also may have noticed that the posts themselves have been redesigned from the ground up! At the top you will see a lovely gradient that incorporate's your group's branding color and a simple sentence that encapsulates everything inside the post and all of the people that received it. All of your attachments are cleanly laid out below in whatever order you desire.


Redesigned share modal


We've revamped the share modal from the ground up to provide an experience that is dramatically simpler without removing any of the functionality you're used to. As you can probably tell, it looks exactly the same as what appears on the feed so you know what your recipients will see on their side.