Aligning Company Data with Contexts

We have some exciting updates to the company drawer and profile to better align the data they have to the contexts you care about: your group, your network, and the Ecosystem.

Company Drawer


The three tabs on the drawer now align with your group, your network, and the Ecosystem just like on the top bar.

  • Everything in the group tab was created by your group.
  • Everything in the network tab was created by a group in your network.
  • Everything in Ecosystem was created by a group outside of your network (SimilarWeb, KITE, Owler, etc).

By default we show you the field data from each context and you can click the dropdown (as shown in the screenshot) to browse any other types of data.

Company Profile


Just like on the drawer, all of the fields in the left column are organized by the context they were created in. Additionally, we have combined our activity tabs into a single dropdown that is organized by the contexts of your group and the Ecosystem.