New Company Search


After you meet a company and want to add them on KITE, it can be difficult to tell whether this is a brand new relationship or if one of your connections has a relationship with them. This can come in the form of another group in your organization working with them in the past or maybe a report an ecosystem partner sent you. Often times you need to just try adding a new company and see if you have it or not.

This is exactly why we have created one simple workflow that helps you find any company whether you’re connected to them or not. Simply click the search icon above the table and search for a company name or homepage URL. You will see two sets of results:

  1. At the top will be any companies that your group has a connection with
  2. At the bottom will be results from Clearbit for companies that your group does not have an existing connection with. To track one of those companies simply select it to view its profile and click the Track button in the upper-right.

You may have noticed that beside each result is the Sources field. This gives you a quick snapshot into which connections are associated with that company so you can get a better idea of the strength of your network’s relationship to that company.