Boxing Day Presents

Happy holidays from KITE! We have a few major product additions so let's get right to it.


Data Scopes

We have done a lot of behind the scenes work to make sure the data within your reports work how you expect. This has resulted in a few major changes:

  • The Activity and Dashboard tabs will only display data from the companies within the Companies tab.
  • We have introduced a new concept: Report Filters. They are filters that only exist within the report you are working on and never appear outside of it.
    • When you add Filter Tabs to your report, you no longer need to choose an existing Group Filter. You can create a new Report Filter that only exists in that report.
    • If you do select a Group Filter, it is duplicated into the report as a Report Filter so your report is safe from any changes at the Group Filter level.



The Create Report modal has been updated to allow you to pick from three different template types. These types are simply a starting point for your report so you can still add and remove as many different tab types as you like.

Tab Dropdown


After analyzing how many tabs most customers were using in their reports, we have condensed the tab bar into a single dropdown. Beyond being much easier to browse, we have introduced additional functionality allowing you to add, rearrange, remove, and search for tabs.

Company List Default

The Company List tab type has been renamed to Manual List. It is no longer included in your report by default and is removable.

Filters on Filters

You can now apply and save filters on Filter Tabs. These filters only exist within the report you are working on.

Ecosystem Context


We have moved the Ecosystem tab on the navigation bar to better communicate how that data sits outside of your group. In addition, we have added some helpful banners to indicate when you are viewing reports or companies that have not yet been added to your group. No existing functionality has changed.

Field Data


All of the field data from your existing Typeforms are now available to be filtered and added to tables. Because of this improvement when you integrate a form with a report you will no longer have to manage two separate lists of data.

Fixed Bugs

Duplicate fields will no longer appear on your proprietary data cards and in your exports.