Updates and Fixes



  • Pins have been simplified into a single button that lets you control both group and private pins
  • The Create Company modal has been slimmed down to take up less of your screen
  • The report icon has been updated to look more like a report
  • Spreadsheets no longer appear in your Containers
  • Page headers have been slimmed down
  • Better support for long names on user profiles
  • On your report sidebar, you can click a report filter to see it on the table
  • The current date is indicated on the date picker
  • Text fields now wrap to two lines instead of three on tables


  • Field order changing after an import
  • Company profile tab dropdown on mobile
  • Report tab positioning on mobile
  • Search on reports opening the full company profile instead of the slim one
  • Unnecessary line break on the user field hover state
  • Tag field values overlapping the field name