Data Provider Updates and Platform Redesigns



We have added a brand new data integration,

! They provide in-depth company data and news so expect to see big improvements in those areas.

Crunchbase Extended Support

By popular request, Crunchbase data is now available to be added to all tables, filters, and dashboards.

Data Source in Column Headers


Now that we have multiple data sources on our tables we indicate exactly where that data is coming from.

Reports Redesign


As we have expanded the functionality of our reports there has been a growing need to improve the framework for how reports are displayed. We have added three tabs at the top of the page to cleanly segment company tables, the dashboard, and activity. This is just the start so expect more improvements here in the months to come.

Activity Feed Redesign


As usage has increased it has become more difficult to parse the data on our feeds so we have updated the design to make each activity type more distinct.

Final Thoughts

We are doubling down on increasing the usability and presentation of our platform so expect your day to day experience to improve in the weeks to come. If you have any questions or thoughts on other ways we can enhance your experience please reach out.