Company Profile Refresh


We have created an entirely new company profile experience to make it easier to read, edit, control, and discover data from your connections.

  • There is a brand new Fields tab that exclusively shows all of the fields you have access to from your connections.
  • Everything from the layout to the typography has been updated to make it easy to see exactly what data you have.
  • Now we have dedicated read and edit states to make it easier to browse and copy your existing data or toggle into the edit mode you're used to.
  • Clicking the search icon in the upper-right now gives you the ability to search for any card or field name so you can narrow things down to just what you're looking for.
  • Any administrator can click the configure layout button in the upper-right to reorder, hide, or show any card. These changes are seen by everyone in your group so everyone has the same context.
  • When you open a company drawer, you will see two arrow buttons in the upper-right that let you cycle through the other companies on your table. You can also use your left and right arrow keys to take advantage of this feature.