Platform Polish

Hi again! We've been hard at work polishing up the platform that resulted in over 160 bugs, features, and improvements being shipped. Some highlights include:

  • A more communicative platform with informative empty states, descriptive context to all menus, improved onboarding, and a help site beacon so you can search through our documentation without leaving the platform.
  • A share button that gives you the ability to add companies and reports to your Ecosystem posts directly from their respective pages.
  • Edit, add, and remove any field from your proprietary data cards.
  • Prettier loading and transition states.
  • Company notes now support Markdown.
  • Select the checkboxes on any table to display contextual actions like adding them to a report or removing them.
  • Adjusted our mobile styling to provide a friendlier experience when you're on the go.
  • Adjusted our news query so companies display more relevant articles.