A Cleaner Company Profile


Today is the first in a series of updates to the company profile to create a faster, more focused experience.

The Add to Container flow has been streamlined into a simple dropdown that can instantly get you started with a new report.


There is a new More button that consolidates much of the functionality on the profile into one place.



  • Toggling between the grid and list views is smoother
  • The company profile arrows more clearly indicate when you are on the first or last result
  • Removed unnecessary padding on the group switcher
  • Additional improvements to company search to increase the accuracy of results
  • Replaced the capitalized text on buttons
  • Reduced the visual weight of more buttons on the Containers and Companies pages
  • Speedier dashboard loading times


  • The Available Data field now correctly shows the correct group branding colors
  • The navigation buttons on company profiles no longer change positions between tabs
  • Last Updated text formatting on container sidebars