Fall Updates

Field Settings


You now have the ability to organize your proprietary data into sections! This feature is best for anyone who needs to track a large quantity of data. Sections can be controlled by any administrator by clicking the gear icon to the upper-right of the card. We have also moved all field adding and editing tools to this page.

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Report Data Scoping

We have made some big improvements to how data is handled on reports! Our larger goal is for reports to be as self-contained as possible so you have a fresh space to work with your data.

  • The All Companies tab will now combine the companies from across all of your tabs including Smart Forms.
  • Activity and Dashboard data will now only pull from the companies within your report and never outside of it.

Request Tab


There is a new tab in Add Companies named Request. This tab contains request buttons for any other group your are connected with so you can quickly send them a message.

Additional Improvements

  • There is now an activity feed event any time a user in your group changes the value of a field. This will be coming to third-party data in the future.
  • Horizontal scrollbars on tables are now always present.
  • You can now change the order of values with your fields. This will affect the order your data is displayed in drop downs and graphs.
  • City, region, and country Crunchbase field types have been integrated.
  • You can now make a feedback button available on reports so people can message you back when you share a report with them.
  • You can now include a note with group invitations.
  • Public reports now include your group's branding.
  • The "New Filter" button has been move to the top of the dropdown to make it easier to access.