Pick fields during report creation


As users store more of their information and share it on the platform it becomes more important to explicitly know what is going out and what is staying private. This is why we have added the ability to pick what fields are included in your report during the creation process instead of only after. We have also included some extra features to make it easy to add custom configurations for users who share more regularly.

Select an existing field configuration

The first option you will see on the new report flow is the ability to select an existing configuration. This allows you to select your personal configuration, your group's configuration, or any existing report! Selecting an option loads in that unique configuration which is great for anyone who regularly shares the same reports. Any changes you make here do not affect the original configuration you selected so feel free to make any changes you need.

Select one or multiple fields

Just like you're used to, you can select any fields you want or even bulk select fields from your favorite sources! You can use this to customize your report from scratch or add new settings to a configuration you selected.


This doesn't affect any of your existing reports and as always, you can adjust your configuration after you create the report or even after you share it by clicking the Configure Table button.